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RECOMMENDATIONS - California Primary - June 5, 2018

California Primary Recommendations

June 5, 2018

U.S. Senate

Pat Harris – A Voice For A New America

Pat Harris is an unapologetic progressive running for US Senate from the State of California in the 2018 election against incumbent, Dianne Feinstein. 

Pat entered this race because he strongly believes that it is time for fresh leadership representing all people of California, not just the 1%. He believes it is time to reform the Democratic party back to what it used to be – a party that represents the voiceless – the working people of America. To achieve that, he believes it’s time for a truly progressive leader who is ready to not only fight the Trump agenda but can set a strong  vision for California to act as a blueprint for the rest of the country.


Delaine Eastin – It's Time To Build A Better California

Delaine is running for Governor because she knows we can do better. In the Assembly Delaine chaired the Education Committee and sponsored major legislation to reform California’s education system. Eastin authored the first school bond that combined higher education and K-12 schools into one bond. These bonds helped pay for new schools at all education levels while fixing and modernizing older schools. 

As chair of the Governmental Efficiency and Consumer Protection Committee, Eastin combined two agencies into one, the first time this had been done in over thirty years. She worked to provide better consumer protection from the misdeeds of unlicensed contractors. Eastin also carried the biggest landfill cleanup bill in the state's history, and won numerous awards for her innovative recycling legislation.

Lt Governor

Gayle McLaughlin – Corporate Free, People First (epitome of Bernie)

As a two-term Mayor of Richmond CA, I led a successful grassroots movement to liberate our city from the grip of corporate giants and wealthy special interests. Our progressive transformation returned political power to our residents and local businesses and we defeated the oil giant Chevron’s attempts to buy our democracy. 

As Mayor, Gayle led the City in a progressive direction, and Richmond was significantly transformed into a better City. Under her leadership Richmond passed the first rent control law in California in 30 years, increased the minimum wage, reduced homicides 75% in 8 years, forced Chevron to pay on average an additional $7.5 million in taxes per year and sued Chevron for damage to the population, promoted Community Choice Aggregation resulting in 85% of homeowners and businesses now receiving greener and cheaper energy.

Attorney General

Dave Jones – A Proven Leader With Integrity, Integrity, Integrity

Dave Jones is a proven law enforcement leader. Jones has been elected twice to statewide office as Insurance Commissioner and has led a statewide law enforcement and consumer protection agency for over seven years. 

As Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones leads the Department of Insurance which works closely with state and federal prosecutors across the state to investigate and prosecute fraud and other insurance related crimes. Under Jones’ leadership, over 7,500 individuals have been arrested and successfully prosecuted for financial and other crimes. He also leads a national enforcement action that has forced life insurers to disgorge over $12 billion in benefits that they were unlawfully failing to pay policyholders.

Secretary of State

Ruben Major – Run With Ruben For Major Change

I’m not taking corporate money and running to end private control of our election systems, to institute open source software, and to require 100% paper audits. I’ll increase candidate financial disclosure, fight voter suppression, and work to secure our voter registration rolls. I will lead a nationwide solution by decertifying voting machines vulnerable to hacking. 

When it comes to healthcare, Ruben has seen it all: from stabbing and gunshot victims, to seniors having heart attacks, to uninsured diabetics who couldn’t afford their medication and died as a result. Ruben understands healthcare policy and how it interacts with public safety, business, gender equality, technology, economic justice, and many other areas.

State Treasurer

Vivek Viswanathan – No Big Money, No Shortcuts

Vivek is the son of immigrants who gave him a chance: to go to Harvard, get a law degree and an MBA from Stanford, and go into public service to help others get the chances he had. While at Harvard, Vivek chaired a program that helped immigrants become American citizens. After moving to California, he continued to volunteer for local organizations serving immigrants. Vivek is a recipient of the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. 

Vivek was appointed and served as a Special Advisor in the office of Governor Jerry Brown, where he managed key projects in policy areas ranging from job creation and infrastructure to health care and public safety. Vivek worked with the Governor to protect Californians from attacks coming out of Washington on our immigrants, health care, and environment. And he also helped organize the Global Climate Action Summit that Governor Brown will host in California this fall.

Insurance Commissioner

Asif Mahmood, M.D. – The Physician, Not The Politician

Dr Asif Mahmood has based all his life’s work on a single principle taught to him by his parents: that helping others is our highest calling. As a physician he is proud to say that he has never charged a patient who didn't have insurance. I’m running for California Insurance Commissioner to bring quality health care to every Californian. I’ll take on Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies who are putting profits before people. 

Dr. Mahmood is a Muslim immigrant from rural Pakistan. He has worked as a physician in California for nearly two decades and would be the first doctor and Muslim-American to serve as Insurance Commissioner. After years of watching politicians take large campaign contributions from big insurance and drug companies, he decided to get involved so the people of California would finally have an Insurance Commissioner who looks out for them instead of big business.

U.S. Congress District 01

Jessica Holcombe – Bring Back The American Dream

I am a fourth generation Northern Californian and an attorney in Auburn. I am the oldest of seven kids, and growing up, we were poor. At times we were homeless and without health insurance. Thanks to financial aid, I was able to attend college and law school. That is why I am fighting for affordable healthcare for all, free public universities, increased funding for our public schools, a living wage, and affordable daycare and housing. 

For many working families, the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, housing, education, and basic living expenses has taken the American dream out of their reach. Families earning minimum wage must choose between paying rent or putting food on the table. Between 2009-2014, 58% of all new income went to our country’s top 1%, while 1 in 5 children in America still live below the poverty line.  

Those aren’t just numbers to me. I was one of those kids.

U.S. Congress District 02

Andy Caffrey - Ecotopian Politician for an Electoral Revolution

I’ve been an environmental, social, and political activist my whole life with a huge interest in music. I was the only person who warned 20 years ago that global warming would collapse the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and cause 20 feet of rapid sea level rise. 

The Climate Crisis is our top national security threat and we need an Electoral Revolution to oust plutocratic politicians, displacing them with citizen leaders before it’s too late (It is too late for WAIS). Bernie Sanders agrees and followed suit with his call for a Political Revolution after lobbying from Andy. 

I coined the meme Climate Crisis and in 2002 was declared a BBC World Historic Figure as the world’s first anti-GMO crop trasher. I’ve taught myself how to sing all of The Doors songs and sing political Gaiabilly songs on the campaign trail. I use my iPad to make synthesizer music.

U.S. Congress District 04

Jessica Morse - I'm ready to serve. I'm ready to solve.

As a fifth generation Northern Californian, Jessica Morse is ready to safeguard our community by funding wildfire prevention, increasing vocational training, and ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare. 

Having worked for her country for over a decade as a national security strategist, including over a year in Iraq, Jessica Morse, 36, is running for Congress to support and defend her community. 

As Advisor to the Commander of US Pacific Command (US military headquarters for Asia and the Pacific), Jessica strengthened the US-India defense relationship using renewable energy and worked to counter terrorist threats in South Asia.  Jessica has a Masters Degree from Princeton University where she focused on nuclear non-proliferation.

U.S. Congress District 05

Jason Kishineff - Fighting For Justice - Social, Racial, Economic, Environmental

I've lived in California's 5th district for more than half my life. I live in American Canyon. I went to Napa College, I've had a son at Sutter-Solano, I've lived, loved and even lost within this district. I know what its like to struggle through unemployment and to try to feed your family on Welfare. I worked hard volunteering for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and joined the Green Party when they chose another candidate. I believe that we can, and need to, continue the political revolution and make this district one of the most progressive voting districts in the state, and do it without corporate money. 

He vivido en el distrito 5 de California por más de la mitad de mi vida. Vivo en American Canyon. Fui a Napa College, tuve un hijo en Sutter-Solano, viví, amé e incluso perdí en este distrito. Sé lo que es luchar por el desempleo y tratar de alimentar a su familia en Welfare. Trabajé  mucho como voluntario para Bernie Sanders en las primarias de 2016 y me  uní al Partido Verde cuando eligieron otro candidato. Creo  que podemos, y necesitamos, continuar la revolución política y hacer de  este distrito uno de los distritos electorales más progresistas en el  estado, y hacerlo sin dinero corporativo.

U.S. Congress District 08

Marge Doyle – A Registered Nurse Fighting for Your Healthcare - Put Marge in Charge!

I am running to save our healthcare, jobs, veterans’ benefits and natural resources from the measures enacted by our rubber stamp career politician: Paul Cook.  Congressman Cook has been removing protections from our most vulnerable neighbors, including our senior citizens, immigrants, and the poor, while privatizing our precious resources for corporate profit.  The people of California’s 8th district deserve better. 

May 15, 2018: Since Marge began her campaign in October 2017, she has traveled thousands of miles, from top to bottom of our vast and beautiful district — twice; held six Town Hall Meetings open to the public — in person and online; outraised GOP incumbent Paul Cook two quarters in a row; and is now endorsed by the California Democratic Party, the Sierra Club, IBEW Local 477, Teamsters Local 1932, Equality California, and dozens of other organizations and individuals all over District 8. 

The journey isn't over yet! Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

U.S. Congress District 12

Stephen Jaffe – A Choice For A Change – Against Nancy Pelosi

I am an employee rights attorney and anti-dark money activist. I’m running in CA-12 because it’s time for the 99% to be truly heard. It’s a big challenge to take on the House Democratic Leader and I’m humbled by the incredible support I’ve already received. We are all socialists. Medicare, Social Security, the military, police departments, fire departments, and public schools are all examples of economic socialism. 

Please join me in standing up for progressive values in Congress: 

  • Anti-racist 
  • Single-payer health care 
  • Drug reimportation 
  • Living wages 
  • Free college and university 
  • Investigation of police shootings 
  • Peace at home and abroad 

U.S. Congress District 13

Barbara Lee – Incumbent

Barbara Lee has proven to be an effective leader within the United States Congress, championing legislation to fight poverty, clean up our environment, eradicate HIV/AIDS, and bring universal healthcare to uninsured Americans. 

In 2008, she was elected Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and also co-founded the Congressional Out of Poverty Caucus. Barbara is also a member and former Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. 

In recognition of her leadership, she has received hundreds of accolades throughout her career including the 2009 International Woman of Courage Award given by the U.S. State Department. In 2005, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize along with women from 150 countries as part of the international project, 1000 Women for Peace. 

Barbara is also an accomplished author, having written dozens of newspaper columns and magazine articles. Her first book, Renegade for Peace and Justice: Congresswoman Barbara Lee Speaks for Me, was published in 2008. 

Barbara Lee is a proud grandmother to five children. She resides in Oakland, California.

U.S. Congress District 17

Ro Khanna – Incumbent – Delivering Strong Leadership For Our Future

Ro Khanna represents California's 17th District, the heart of the Silicon Valley, in the U.S. Congress. His priorities include: 

  • Banning PAC & Lobbyist Money 
  • Creating Technology & Manufacturing Jobs across America 
  • Providing Debt Free College 
  • Supporting Apprenticeships & Vocational Training 
  • Standing up for Women's Rights 
  • Investing in New Industries & Clean Technology 

Congressman Ro Khanna, 41, is a Representative of California’s 17th District in Congress’ 115th session. In the 2016 general election, he was elected to Congress. He is one of only six members of Congress who does not accept PAC contributions, continuing his efforts to keep politics and special interest money separate. He serves as a member of the Committee on the Budget and the Committee on Armed Services in Congress. In Congress, Ro serves as a strong voice for a progressive vision that promotes good jobs and wages for the 17th district and the United States of America. 

U.S. Congress District 22

Ricardo Franco – Fighting For Everyone!

"Over 100 years ago my family fled violent war in Mexico to settle here in Fresno, CA. We’ve come a long way since then." - Rico 

Ricardo "Rico” Franco is a fourth generation Mexican American whose family grew up as farm laborers in Dinuba and Fresno.  Despite the hardships of poverty his parents graduated from college and his mother had a 40 year career in higher education and his father worked in mental health for 30 years and was union president for AFSCME.   Rico is the first in his family who has NOT had to work in the fields. 

His experience with corporations and small businesses has provided valuable knowledge about the impact of the global economy, trade policy, and implementation of tariffs on the economy in the Central Valley.  His management and strategic planning experience makes him the most qualified to represent the Central Valley and advocate for job development, educational training, improved health care, small business development, immigration reform, and agricultural interests that can contribute to an improved and a vibrant economy for the Central Valley.

U.S. Congress District 25

Jess Phoenix – Rise Up!

I've seen the value of stepping up my whole life.  Both of my parents were FBI agents for over 20 years.  When you have people like that as your role models, loyalty, bravery, and integrity become your way of life. 

Our economy thrives when we invest in our people and our planet. Trump and Knight both deny the science of climate change, which impacts our economy, health and way of life.  Their attacks on immigrant families, women’s rights and healthcare coverage are offensive and damaging to the most vulnerable people in our society. 

I'm working to win the job of representing the people I care about and the places I love, and because everyone should have a bright today and a brilliant tomorrow.

U.S. Congress District 29

Angelica Duenas – A Progressive Voice For The Community

Angelica Dueñas is the Green Party candidate running for Congress in California District 29. As a Green, she accepts no corporate money, and so she is beholden to the people of her district and not big money interests. The 29th district includes Arleta, Granada Hills, Lake View Terrace, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Panorama City, San Fernando, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sylmar, Valley Village, Valley Glen and Van Nuys. 

A huge turning point for Angelica was during the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. Prior to that Angelica was not interested in electoral politics, but rather local issues. While being elected and serving as a Delegate for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention during his legendary 2016 Presidential run precisely when Angelica confirmed the corruption of the two party system in America.

U.S. Congress District 33

Emory Rodgers - Mister Rodgers for Progress. CA33 is Ready for Change. 

As a candidate for the 33 district of the US Congress from the state of California
I support

  • 1: human right amendment, with accross the board equal protections under the law
  • 2: and end to corporate personhood, and an end to all corporate influence over any branch or office of government
  • 3 universal single payer healthcare
  • 4: free education thru graduation of either trade or PhD level
  • 5: a living wage, which currently should be between $22-$25 an hour
  • 6: a national unionization policy for all labor forces
  • 7 corruption reform and punishment litigation from local governmentpolice all the way to President
  • 8: election reform, including securing the vote, ungerry mandering the country, taking money out of elections, securing third party participation, and making the electrical collage and senate representational!
  • 9 rights of clean air water land sea and food!
  • 10 a return on our investment with all investment into corporation either by tax break grant subsidy or resource to be paid equally to all the people annually with voting qualified stock holding
  • 11 direct democracy and end to the offices of the president and vice, and and end to a two class republic!
  • 12 term limits to the supreme and federal courts and well as a path to service to change from appointment to elected! 
  • 13 And an end to homelessness and hunger basing those solutions on Utah housing policy and food redistribution policies of France and England
  • 14 And the complete shift to non polluting power sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hemp base ethanol!
  •  15 and an end to the war on drugs and the industrial transfer from oil plastics, wood steel pharmaceutical all to hemp byproducts

And finally a 2 trillion 2300 century infrastructure advancement and automated industrial return to US soil!
I would rather have politicians that have the humanities of FDR the progressive tech understanding of Tesla and the visionary assertion of Walt Disney? Or should I be more like the current dems and repubs and hold up progress for another hundred years, as Woodrow Wilson first introduced universal healthcare in 1915? Your call?
Oh and while we are at fixing the world an end to imperial globalism and let’s spend some of the money we will save cutting the military industrial complex in half and spend a lot of that money paying for the research necessary to cure all the worst global diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS, MD, autism, Down syndrome, etc! But no maybe I need to be more of a realist?

U.S. Congress District 34

Kenneth Mejia – People, Planet, Peace, People Over Profit

Kenneth is a 27-year-old first generation Filipino-American Community Organizer, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Board Member of the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council. 

Kenneth knows firsthand what working families have gone through and the challenges they continue to face such as: access to quality public education, college affordability, quality health insurance, safe neighborhoods, a clean environment, a living wage to support their families, navigating a broken immigration system, and how owning a home is becoming unattainable for so many people. 

That is why Kenneth is committed to fighting on behalf of the residents of Congressional District 34 and will run a grassroots campaign funded by small dollar donations, NOT corporations or Super PACs. It is possible for our Government to put People, Planet and Peace over profits!

U.S. Congress District 42

Julia Peacock – A Teacher For Congress – A New Voice For The 42nd

My name is Julia Peacock, and I’m running against the 25-year incumbent career politician, Ken Calvert, to take back our seat in Congress and to make a positive change for the 42nd District. It is time for us to have a representative who listens to all constituents — one who acts in the interest of our community and who puts people before party and profit. 

You deserve a representative who is accessible, who listens to you, and who truly cares about those issues that affect your daily lives. I will be that representative for you, for your family, and for our beautiful, diverse community. 

I am a public school teacher, wife, and mother of two who believes in educational opportunity, civil and human rights, and empowering all members of our society to live the lives they deserve. I believe in equality and justice for all, not just for the wealthy few. 
With your help, we can win this election and #Flip42Blue. I invite you to join me. Together we can win!

U.S. Congress District 43

Miguel Zuniga – It's Time To Put A Heart In The Machine

My name is Miguel Zuñiga.  I'm a Father of 2 amazing kids and been married for over a dozen years. I'm a 22 year Costco Employee. I'm also a compassionate activist. I  became a Bernie Delegate and put in the fight of my life in Philly. Only to be rigged, mistreated, and demoralized by the "Party of the People." So I left. The Hypocracy of Democracy alone was  enough for me to go build a party with morals. One that leads by example. A party funded by the people, instead of being bought by the corporations. 

I went Green like so many. Now I'm running for Congress for the simple reason that neither party is representing the Middle Class and the Poor. 

I'm not a Politician, I'm a Person prepared to do a Politicians job! They have refused to represent the People over the Corporations that have bought them. 

What we'll bring to the table? We will fight for Election Integrity. We will continue to fight for Single Payer Now. We will push for Universal Basic Income. We will push for Startup Funding for Coops. Every city of my district should have one or more Community Gardens. FreeBasicWiFi in each city. I will push to over turn Citizens United. Expanding Social Security. 

People, Planet, Peace over Profit! 

Thank you for your inspiration. I hope I can continue to make you proud. It's Us not me!

U.S. Congress District 49

Colonel Doug Applegate – A Leader Then. A Leader Now.

Remember me? I’m retired Marine colonel and progressive Democrat Doug Applegate. I’m not a politician, I’m a Marine. 

Together we ran Darrell Issa off. Now it’s time to finish the job here in California's 49th Congressional District, to keep Trump in check. 

Congress is broken because too many politicians put party over country while too many right here in San Diego and Orange County struggle to get by. 

That all stops, right here, right now!

U.S. Congress District 50

Ammar Campa-Najjar – I'll Be Your Voice In Washington D.C.

My name is Ammar Campa-Najjar, the people’s candidate. I was born in East County, the son of a working class mother who raised me with help from family and neighbors. From my first job as a church janitor to serving in the White House; advocating for small businesses to fighting for American workers: I've devoted my life to service. 

I’m not accepting corporate donations. I’m running to give back to my mother’s generation, and to all those seeking to live and retire with dignity. 

As a Labor Department official with the Obama administration, I served working families. As a business owner, I know the burdens we face. Washington may have lost its way, but I haven’t. I’m ready to bring our district’s common values and common sense to serve the common good. 

If you’ll be my voice this election, I’ll be yours in Washington. Let’s get to work.

State Assembly District 01

Caleen Sisk – Native American of the The Winnemem Wintu People

From Mt. Shasta to Lake Tahoe, people love the mountains, rivers and forests of District 1. I want all our children to experience the beauty of this region for generations to come. I will fight for jobs, education, and healthcare for all, and I will protect the water that our entire state depends on.

State Assembly District 10

Dan Monte – Ready to Work for Marin and Sonoma

California needs a political revolution. Sacramento is being corrupted by big-money special interests at a time when we need to come together more than ever to resist the Trump administration. But resistance is not enough. We launched this grassroots, people-powered campaign for State Assembly in order to make real and substantive change.

State Assembly District 15

Jovanka Beckles – Most Progressive Candidate In The Race

As a counselor for underserved youth, I’ve seen how the lives of our kids and their families can be transformed. As a two-term Richmond, CA, City Council member, I’ve seen how neighbors can organize a city from hopelessness, violence, and systemic corruption to a much better future. Now I am running for the California State Assembly to help transform our state.

State Assembly District 16

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan – Bringing Passion For Solving Problems

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan is an accomplished attorney, environmental advocate, community volunteer, law professor and mother. A Bay Area native, she has dedicated her career and personal time to improving our community, solving complex problems, protecting civil rights and fighting to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

State Assembly District 18

Rob Bonta – Incumbent – Fighting For More Prosperous Communities In The East Bay

A new year means a new Legislature, complete with 37 new lawmakers, 38 new committee chairs and three leaders new to opening session atop their caucuses. They will bring a burst of activity to downtown Sacramento, where the corridors of the state Capitol, the coffee shops and the restaurants will soon hum with staff, lawmakers and lobbyists plying their trade.

State Assembly District 30

Robert Rivas – The Clear Choice for AD30

Supervisor Robert Rivas lives in Hollister with his wife, Christen, and their one-year-old daughter, Melina.  He has served on the San Benito County Board of Supervisors since 2010, and most recently served a term as Chairman.

State Assembly District 33

Socorro Cisneros – Our Diverse Community Has Diverse and Unique Needs

I'm Socorro, a retired union worker, a mother, and a concerned citizen living in the High Desert region of AD33. I've been involved in the community for years, not only as a parent to students in the Snowline School District, but as Democratic activist. I've seen the greatness our community has to offer - hard-working families, students ready for what the world has to offer, citizens engaged in our community and working to make it better.

State Assembly District 35

Bill Ostrander – It's About All Of Us. Let's Put Our Best Selves Forward

Day after day, I read the news in disbelief.

Dishonesty, deceit, racism, disrespect of people and cultures, efforts to divide us, and the destruction of our environment – the list goes on. This is not the government I want nor the one I will accept.

I’m Bill Ostrander and I’m running to represent California’s 35th Assembly District, which includes all of San Luis Obispo County and almost 50% of Santa Barbara County.

State Assembly District 39

Patty Lopez – A Champion For Families

A mother and grandmother, Patty López has protected families, children, and those who have no voice in government. Whether is passing legislation to extend more tax relief to families, push for childcare expansion, or working with the foster care system, she is your champion.

State Assembly District 54

Steve Dunwoody – We Deserve Better

Our movement's agenda is clear — we stand for protections from toxic pollution, a 100% clean energy system that contributes to widely shared prosperity, universal healthcare and education, housing that's affordable, a justice system that works for our communities, and California family values — comprehensive paid leave and childcare, plus full equality for women and the LGBT community.

Steve has a lifetime of experience in the labor movement, military, Obama campaign, and White House, plus a record of progressive policy advocacy across California with leaders like Senator Bernie Sanders.

State Assembly District 63

Maria Estrada – The People's Alternative to Anthony Renden

Hello friends and fellow activists. My name is Maria Estrada. I am an activist, a mother and a grandmother. I'm not a politician, I don't have aspirations to be a lifelong politician, but I am tired.

Tired of the status quo, the decline in our standard of living, the decline in our environment and our education system, and I am really tired of the politicians who have allowed our situation to worsen.

I am running in AD63 to represent the people in that district, and to remove the Speaker of the Assembly of California who has failed the 63rd and the people in California for denying us single payer healthcare.

State Assembly District 70

Rachel Bruhnke – Keep Calm, I Am A Teacher

Hello friends and fellow activists. My name is Maria Estrada. I am Rachel Bruhnke is a lifelong political activist and organizer, and Green Party member since 1992. She has been twice a member of the LA Green Party County Council and was a delegate to the GP State Convention in 2017.

She is running on the Green Party's 10 Key Values, promoting a platform of: Land Use Reform/Housing for All, Healthcare as a Human Right, Building a Just and Sustainable Economy, and Participatory Democracy for All Ages for a "California People's Assembly"

State Assembly District 71

James Elia – New Leadership Delivering Results For Our Community

I am one of 8 children, Chaldean American, to a single immigrant father. At a young age my mother passed away from cancer leaving my father to raise 8 kids on his own. She passed away at a time that insurance companies could simply drop you if you were sick so he was not only left with 8 kids, but massive hospital bills as well. So I certainly know the struggles and hard work it takes just to survive here in California.

State Assembley District 73

Scott Rhinehart – I Will Be Your Voice

My father was a union coal miner and helped to organize for the United Mine Workers. My mother, besides taking care of nine kids, was my dad’s rock and our family’s heart. From them, I learned to respect the dignity of each individual and to raise my voice against injustice in all its forms.

State Assembly District 75

Alan Geraci – He Fights! We Win!

Alan Geraci is a respected consumer attorney, small business owner, father, youth sports coach, and community leader.  He and his wife Karen, have a blended family of six children and two grandchildren.

State Assembly District 76

Elizabeth Warren – Stronger Communities, Quality of Life, Hope For Tomorrow

I'm not a politician. I'm a wife, mother, journalist and activist. Years in the trenches as a fierce defender of environmental, economic and social justice at the local, state and national levels have convinced me that the only way to ensure lasting positive change is for regular people like you and me to get involved in the political process. Running for Assembly was a natural next step on that road.

LA Superior Court Judge Office 4

A Veronica Sauceda

LA Superior Court Judge Office 16

Sydne Jane Michel 

LA Superior Court Judge Office 20

Wendy Segall

LA Superior Court Judge Office 60

Holly L Hancock

LA Superior Court Judge Office 63

Malcolm H Mackey

LA Superior Court Judge Office 67

Maria Lucy Armendariz

LA Superior Court Judge Office 71

David Berger

LA Superior Court Judge Office 113

Javier Perez 

LA Superior Court Judge Office 118

David D Diamond

LA Superior Court Judge Office 126

Rene Caldwell Gilbertson

LA Superior Court Judge Office 146

Armando Duron


Proposition 68: Yes

Proposition 69: Yes

Proposition 70: No

Proposition 71: Yes

Proposition 72: Yes

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